Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy

Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy – Does Anything Really Work?

Many websites or YouTube videos will recommend different types of plantar fasciitis home remedy. But the question is, are there any home remedies for this debilitating heel pain condition that actually work? Unfortunately there is limited scientific evidence or research that can conclusively determine the efficacy of any form of plantar fasciitis home remedy. That being said, there is a long list of different types of home remedy that can often provide short-term relief. Some of these remedies may contribute to healing while others simply make it feel better temporarily. One of the most common types of plantar fasciitis home remedy is rolling the arch of your foot on a frozen water bottle or a frozen can of Coca-Cola. The short-term relief that the patient feels when doing this is encouraging, however there is a risk that the unwanted pressure from the hard object irritates the fascia causing further irritation. This can prolong the heel pain and extend the recovery time of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy – Stretching?

Another common type of plantar fasciitis home remedy is performing stretches to the bottom of the foot in an attempt to stretch the Plantar fascia. Once again, people feel short-term relief from this particular stretch and this encourages them to continue to perform the stretches. However, more often than not these stretches increase the pulling sensation on the bottom of the heel and this in turn can prolong the plantar fasciitis recovery time.

Are Heat Packs a Form of Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy?

Another type of plantar fasciitis home remedy is the use of heat packs or wheat bags which are warmed and placed under the heel for up to 30 minutes. The heat and warmth is soothing and certainly feels good, but is it helping long term? Again, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that this helps with healing. The treatment of plantar fasciitis barely hinges on one specific treatment as the cause of the condition is multifactorial. To this end, the treatment of plantar fasciitis should always be multifactorial. There is no magic wand and there is no silver bullet. The cause of the condition in one person might not be the cause in another. Many patients will develop plantar fasciitis as a result of something different to the next patient. In terms of the most effective Plantar fasciitis home remedy, quite simply is no single answer.

Calf Stretching – A Long Standing Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy

Probably the most common form of self treatment, stretching the calf muscles is quite possibly the most effective form of plantar fasciitis home remedy. The majority of patients attending the Heel Clinic who have developed plantar fasciitis will nearly always demonstrate tightness in the calf muscles, which causes a pulling sensation on the heel. In addition to the treatment plan prescribed by the podiatrist, it is imperative that patients perform regular calf stretching.

PROBLEM : Typical calf stretches place unwanted stress and pressure on the plantar fasciitis which increases the pulling on the heel. This further irritates the condition. If calf stretching forms part of a plantar fasciitis home remedy plan, it is important that the patient is educated and that the sports podiatrist demonstrates a “safe” technique.

In summary, self treatments are risky and there are no guarantees. If you are a patient suffering with this condition and you wish to commence some form of plantar fasciitis home remedy plan then you should seek the help of a suitably qualified professional.

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Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy