The mass manufactured insoles, try which are commonly called orthotics, order are widely used to treat heel problems. They are a hard, buy information pills stiff orthotic that is not made for any specific foot type. While they may give you some arch support, these orthotics are not designed to correct your foot alignment. Prescription orthotics

One of the more common treatments for heel pain is to use a prescription heel orthotic. Prescription orthotics, unlike the factory made ones,have an inclined wall that is built into the rear of it. This wall acts directly when your heel hits the floor creating a change in your heel area that will then change your arch angle. Why are prescription orthotics better for treating your heel pain?

The mass manufactured orthotics don’t start working until your heel hits the floor and your foot becomes fully flat. It is at this point that the orthotic will alter your arch profile. The problem here is that your heel has already had that inward or outward twist. This means that you are still getting those torsional twists, either underneath or at the back of your heel,causing problems with the Achilles tendon or conditions like Severs.

Prescription orthotics support your foot as soon as it hits the floor to help you avoid these problems.

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