Firstly on the subject of heel spurs did you know that it is not the actual spur that causes the pain? The spur is just a growth of bone that the body produces to try and balance a structural problem in the foot.

Research shows that most orthotic surgeons won’t operate to remove a spur because that’s not what is causing the pain in the first place. And in the absence of treating the cause they say that there is a high possibility that it will grow back in about 6 months’ time anyway.

Plantar Fasciitis

The actual cause of the problem is strain or tearing in the fibrous ligament structure that runs under the foot called the Plantar Fascia.Plantar Fasciitisis sometimes also known as “jogger’s heel” as it tends to affect the heel and/or the underside of the foot and can arise where feet are experiencing ongoing strains.

Healing time

There is no quick fix for Plantar Fasciitis. On average it can take 10–15 weeks to settle down. That time will vary, as everyone has their own individual circumstances. For some it could take 6 weeks to settle; for others 6 months; but the average is 10–15 weeks.

There’s a host of reasons for the variations in healing time. Take someone, for instance,who is on their feet for eight hours a day, such as a teacher, nurse or tradesman. They are exerting a different amount of pressure and straining their foot structure more than someone, say,in an office job,who might heal a little faster.

The problems in dealing with this condition arise because this area of the foot is a load-bearing structure and has a very low blood supply. Healing and change therefore take longer, and all the while the foot is continuously exposed to ongoing strains when in use. That is why there is no quick fix for it. But we can still do some things to aid the condition and help the healing along. Look out for our next blog about some common treatment approaches.

Generally speaking, the longer you’ve had the Plantar Fasciitis, the longer it can take to get better. But on average it is likely to take 10–15 weeks for treatment to be effective.

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